What AWS does not/will never realize

AWS has long ignored their lightsail product. How can you tell?

  • The poor UI that hasn’t changed for years
  • the limitation on number of static IPs and instances
  • No autoscaling feature on DBs
  • No easy way to increase capacity of DBs or instances
  • No addition to 1-click apps like digital ocean

What AWS does not/will never realize is that there are millions of founders and developers that prefer the fixed price model and not a surprising $600 bill from RDS and or serverless. The cost explorer, the budgeting tools is just additional headache for a founder juggling between 10 other things but I guess the goal is not to help the founders of course. The goal is to make money and variable pricing allows cloud providers to be sneaky.

Hard to believe but if you spend enough time on Google you will find enough evidence on shocking bills from each cloud provider and each product.

We use AWS and GCP both for our clients, for most founder the decision is usually made by the amount of free credit they have received during year 1 and year 2 but after than most clients end up looking for alternatives because who wants to pay $160[variable] for a windows server on GCP when a $20/mo on windows machine helps the founder stay alive.

We hope that AWS will start putting in some effort to improve their lightsail product or lose all lightsail customers to digital ocean whose only product is a lightsail competitor