Is React Native any good?

If you have this argument with Swift/Objective-c/kotlin/java devs or who were once Swift/objective-c/kotlin/java devs then you are going to lose this argument. Period.

However, if you are a startup or a business that does not have an app or if you are struggling with iOS team and Android team constantly trying to catch up with each other then the answer is YES, React Native can be of huge help and can cut down your costs significantly as a business.

Advantages of React Native | Benefits of React Native | Why React Native


One code base* for iOS/Android apps e.g. simple code to “read the list of products from the database” in native apps would need to be duplicated in Android and an iOS app. With react native both iOS and Android apps can share that code so that’s already saving you 50% time or is our Math wrong? It is saving you 50% of the time.


The other thing is React Native is not generating a Hybrid HTML/CSS that will be run in a browser and look like an app, its actually generating native iOS and native Android apps when its time to launch or test.


React Native = Benefits of React (high performance and a virtual DOM) + simplicity of web dev + more than 1000 RN modules to do the grunt work make devs more productive and hence you can have your app sooner.

Of course, there are use cases when React Native might not be the best choice for you.


Wait, is javascript a benefit? believe it or not. today in the tech world we are now all connected via javascript. Facebook’s decision of keeping RN in JS has given everyone who has ever touched JS to continue to RN development and try it out. You dev intern could make a few changes in your app now. or you can try finding a Swift/Objective-C and Kotlin/Java to fix the broken button in your native apps

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