Firebase vs Meteor

Firebase Meteor.js
Offers services that plug in to your existing database Framework built on node.js to build web apps 
Firebase can be your main DB Uses MongoDB as database
Firebase can be you auth provider Provides auth plugin against users in your mongo
Firebase can provide you hosting of single page apps written in any language Meteor's creators do provide hosting for meteor apps
Firebase provides storage and serving of files You can always implement your own S3 uploader 
Firebase can plug into any frame like Create React App or any other starter kit Meteor offers its own way of Reacting
Firebase has built-in crash reporting -
Firebase is backend as a service Meteor uses your DB, your backend infra.
Firebase offers only one way to write backend code - cloud functions Meteor offers the ability to write backend code in an within the framework or your node project
With Firebase, you are not stuck with 1 programming language, your app could be in any language using services/plugins/modules firebase offers Meteor can be MEAN or MERN or whatever Blaze is
Firebase can be attached to any framework and takes off the load on ur server Meteor can be heavy in terms of server load & resource utilization

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