yarn let us down today : “There appears to be trouble with your network connection. Retrying…”

An engineer could not run yarn this morning, asked another engineer if yarn was working for her, but it kept failing. we thought it’s our corporate network that is down but it couldn’t have been because everything else seemed to be working. so we logged on to a Windows VM on GCP. Since we are a Google Partner we have access to tons of VMs but yarn was failing there too. All our CI/CD pipelines that use yarn weren’t working either. We thought of all Dockerfiles that use yarn for our clients.

The question is will it fix with time? or should we all go back to using npm install.

If you want an immediate fix, it looks like that’s the only option, if you love yarn and can wait then we are sure it will be fixed in a few hours if not minutes.

If you are too busy to do it, we can help. Our engineers can remote in using zoom and convert all your yarn installs to npm installs and set up a registry cache. Feel free to reach out.

Are you facing a similar issue?