When it comes to marketing, smartphones have changed everything. We dare you to find a millennial who isn’t attached to their phone.

The text message is the most popular feature found on smartphones. 97% of phone users use the texting feature to collectively send the over 6 billion texts sent each day in the US.

As a business owner, you should value SMS marketing. It is important to understand that the millennial group should not be overlooked when it comes to building a solid consumer base.

Millennials are the largest group owning smartphones, ranking 86% in 2014. This is versus the 80-46% range in the 30-65+ age groups. Text message marketing is one of the easiest and most relevant ways to contact these consumers.

We offer you the capability to create text message marketing with ease. We work within your budget to truly capture the benefits of this marketing technique.

Mobile is the way to go

It’s a well-known fact that people are more likely to use their phones to text instead of voice calls. So why do many marketers use calling, mailing, and emailing as the main source of their advertising?

It takes 90 minutes for most smartphone users to respond to an email. Compare that to the 90 seconds it takes for them to view and respond to a text.

Knowing the direction that consumers are taking when it comes to responding to marketing is important.

To use text message marketing on an individual, they must opt-in to the service. Many major businesses are using this method to keep in contact with their customers in a smart way. This allows users to opt-in and opt-out as they please and get relevant messages without spamming.

The logic is pretty simple from there! With so many people using smartphones and texting features, and the quick open rate of text messages, text message marketing is a straightforward tool to reach your  audience.

How text message marketing is different

Text message marketing is different to more traditional methods. Millennials love their phones, so SMS marketing can set you apart from other companies if you are targeting this young audience.

Read on to find out how text message marketing is different and how it’s a great fit for any company to try out!

It is cost effective

Text message marketing only requires a bit of planning and writing. You won’t be outsourcing and creating detailed marketing plans and messages. Text message marketing avoids work from a graphic designer and social media team.

When a sale or event is coming up, for example, a text message alerting the individual can be sent out quickly. All you need to do is ensure the information is correct and that the message is correct and appropriate for the audience.

Sending to large groups of customers will become easy with bulk packages and programs for SMS marketing. These companies can support your goal to create a meaningful connection with your clients.

It’s fast

Can you remember a time when you spent anything over a minute or two composing a text message to send to a friend or family member? Unlike emails and more traditional forms of communication, sending out a text message has a major benefit: it is fast.

It’s true– you will have to spend a little bit of extra time figuring out what information needs to be in a text. Just know that process is not as time-consuming as finding the perfect wording for an informational email!

Keep time on your side with text message marketing and reach out to your customers faster, with less work.

It’s interactive

In a world where the average American sees up to 5,000 ads per day, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is a necessity.

With a millennial target audience, text message marketing creates a surprising and interactive way for them to connect with your business.

You shouldn’t believe that this type of marketing can only be used by larger companies.  Groups of businesses like lawyers or doctors offices, pet shops, and startups are in a great position to work up their connection with text message marketing.

It can cross different platforms

60% of the time average Americans spends online occurs through their smartphone or tablet. Tablets are now also capable of receiving text messages.

So, text message marketing lets businesses link to their other platforms, like their Facebook or other social media accounts. Linked messages allow customers to stay even more up to date with the ongoings of your company.

Remember: when you create an interactive and personable environment, customers are more likely to remain interested in what you have to offer! With technology now allowing the same devices that are capable of texting to also open apps and links, the options are endless.

Since 90% of millennials use social media and their phones to access information, linking across platforms is beneficial to getting more information across. And starting with a text is the perfect way to open that information channel that can ultimately result in additional sales from millennials.

Text message marketing can be more audience-specific

As we mentioned earlier, many other types of marketing need a large effort to assemble campaigns and sub-campaigns for different target audiences.

With the benefits of text message marketing known to be speed, efficiency, and ease. Creating audience-specific text message marketing for millennials is easily accomplished.

Text message marketing is able to target millennials in a way that is more relatable to them with content that is more relevant to their lives.

Some stores may send out a text around 4pm with a deal for 2-for-1 pizzas, catching the attention of a hungry millennial on a tight budget that is just leaving class

We can help reach your goals

With our straightforward interface, we are able to offer you comprehensive text message marketing systems that will enable you and your business to grow within the millennial customer base.

For text message marketing that is capable of sending and receiving follow-up messages, VoIP numbers with call forwarding, and other useful services, contact us.